A Message for Women

The misuse and abuse of the sex impulse continues to create much pain and suffering in the world today. It is an area that light has not yet reached.

There is a general trend today where people are shut down sexually (mostly women) or over-sexed (mostly men) because the sexual energy that exists does not honor us as humans. It degrades and disconnects us. We have ended up here because we have forgotten who we are. Spiritual beings.

While there is darkness, we are also living in a time of spiritual awakening and collective transformation. I believe women are catalysts for change when it comes to sexuality and intimacy. Women, on a mass scale, must take hold of our power to shape and change the culture of our families, the nature of relationships, and the private lives we share with our men.

It is a time when women can take hold of the sexual reins and insist, in the spirit of love and harmony, that sex is not dirty, but sacred. We can insist that relationships between men and women are not a platform for abuse, but a real stage from which peace and harmony can and must shine in the world.

If we are to positively influence others, we must begin with ourselves.

I have been on a path of conscious spiritual development for over two decades. Attempting to harmonize and integrate my material and spiritual nature and walk in this world with a spiritual heart continues to be a boundless source of growth.

I know that for many women, like myself, starting the journey of sexual healing can be frightening. I did not do it myself. I was inspired and encouraged by others who had gone before.

My hope is for thousands women around the world to discover what healthy sexual energy and spiritual integrity is for them and in turn lead others around them to their own sexual freedom and integrity.

The women and men, of every generation, who are willing to step onto a path of sexual healing path will move in the world in a profound way that sheds light and dissipates the darkness.

May you be one.