On-line Women’s Groups

Reclaiming Healthy Sexual Energy:

A Breakthrough Program for Conscious Women

  • Has sexuality ever been a source of confusion or emotional pain for you?
  • Have you ever felt “out of integrity” in your sex life?
  • Do you desire healing when it comes to sexuality?
  • Have you experienced a lack of sexual harmony/compatibility with your mate?
  • Would you like to make peace with your past and make a fresh start?
  • Would you like sex to be a greater source of joy, pleasure and connection?
  • As a single woman, would you like more confidence navigating the dating process?
  • As a mother, do you want more confidence and clarity to help your child understand the sexualized culture that surrounds him /her?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, you are not alone.

Millions of women today are seeking a more meaningful and enlightened perspective of sexuality.   The current popular model of sex is not only damaging but misleading and inaccurate because it does not take into account our spiritual nature.

It is time to create an enlightened view of sexuality for ourselves and for future generations.

Join a group of mindful women to discover your vision of sexual wellness.

  • Take Time to Reflect on Sex, Love & Intimacy
  • Make Peace with the Past
  • Purify Your Mind and Heart
  • Break the Cycle of Shame
  • Clarify your Own Values
  • Remove Blocks to Better Give and Receive Love
  • Understand the Importance of Clear Boundaries
  • Align with Your Spiritual Power and Integrity
  • Discover what it takes to have Compatible Connection with a Partner
  • Increase your Confidence as a Parent to Address Sexuality
  • Receive Inspiration and Support!

“I’m headed forward to the light- I am not headed into the darkness anymore.”    ~RHSE participant

RHSE Program Details:

Who:  The RHSE Program is custom-designed for women ready to address sexuality as an area of personal healing and spiritual growth. This is not therapy, but a supportive, confidential, educational coaching group. If you have any concerns if the group is right for you, be sure to raise your questions in the pre-registration consultation with Kelly.

What is included:

  • 6 group coaching sessions (90 mins)  (sessions are recorded and available privately for the duration of the program)
  • Educational Modules & Action Assignments
  • Email support
  • Weekly Q & A group calls with Kelly
  • Individual Coaching Opportunities during Group
  • Private Group Forum

Location: On Line. (Phone and internet connections required, as well as a private, undisturbed space for effective participation.) More information will be provided.

Investment for Program:

$650 USD

Early Bird rate $550 USD

Canadians pay in CAD

*pre-registration info required to confirm suitability