About Kelly, Sexual Wellness Coach

Kelly Anne Monjazeb is a Sexual Wellness Coach and Consultant and is the founder of Better Family Life Seminars and Spirit First Seminars. She is a Registered Social Worker,  formally trained as a Sexual Health Educator and is Certified as a Virtues Project™ Master Facilitator, a United Nations-endorsed program. Kelly has taught and presented to educators, parents, youth and community organizations for over 20 years.

Kelly is passionate about healthy families as the foundation for a healthy world. Facilitating sexual healing and helping people align themselves spiritually is Kelly’s true calling.

Kelly has presented on spirituality, women’s and couple’s issues and human sexuality for the past 18 years. Through her work, she warmly and compassionately creates a nurturing space for clients to draw on their courage and desire to change and guides them to a place of clarity, understanding and a new sense of inner freedom.

Kelly currently offers speaking engagements and workshops, as well as sexual wellness on-line programs and private coaching to encourage healing and transformation. To contact Kelly, email her at kelly@spiritfirstseminars.com