Why Harmonize Sex and Spirit

Today’s prevalent use of sexual energy does not reflect our spiritual nature. We are degrading and disconnecting ourselves through our sexual behaviour and media messaging and have been pretending that it is not happening that way.  Millions are suffering in their private lives- sex addiction and family breakdown are epidemic. Both men and women have been damaged by the culture that surrounds us and now we ALL have the vital task of reclaiming healthy sexual energy.

Collectively, a materialistic model of sex is flooding our awareness through media channels and is shaping our collective attitude and behaviour. The predominant thoughts many of us hold about sex are based on outdated beliefs that do harm and do not support a conscious view of human reality.

Shame blocks our capacity to give and receive love and to connect in an authentic way. Although we experience many forms of shame, our attitudes about sexuality and our sexual relating are of the most powerful ways we shame ourselves and each other.

Healing our sexual shame and thought distortions is key to moving toward an enlightened, spiritual civilization.

There is hope for change.

We can know that sex is sacred, and support each other in engaging in it no other way. We can work together to learn about spiritual intimacy and what prevents us from experiencing it. We can notice and share what we have discovered.

As an individual, you can begin to heal your past, understand what it means to harmonize your spiritual and material realities, find clarity about sexual wellbeing, act from a place of integrity with your personal values, set personal boundaries that protect you, and find a balanced, healthy way to manage your own sexual energy.

Together we can create an enlightened view of sexuality for ourselves and for future generations.

I invite you to join a growing community of women and men who are awakening to a new consciousness around sexuality and relationships, who strive to think and act in ways that honor our spiritual reality. You will benefit yourself, your children and the world.

Kelly Monjazeb 2018