Private Coaching

I offers private one-on-one coaching support for personal change and transformation in your most intimate world: your heart, mind and private relationships.

All of our actions, sexual or otherwise, begin in the privacy of our minds. Unfortunately, the predominant thoughts we have about sex are based on outdated beliefs inherited from past generations that do not support a mature, conscious view of ourselves as spiritual beings.  We have all been impacted to a lesser or greater degree and now each of us has the vital task of reclaiming healthy sexual energy and aligning with our spiritual nature. 

We are in crisis when it comes to sex and are on the brink of a collective transformation~ are you ready to be a part it?

Warning:  Healing sexuality is often not an easy road to go down, because exploring our beliefs about sex and our own sexual history is likely to bring up painful emotions including feelings of shame.  This is why most people avoid dealing with the issue!

You do not have to walk this journey alone.  It can be frightening to look closely at this private part of your life, and it can be confusing even knowing where to begin.  Many people compartmentalize their sexuality and have not considered how they might begin to make change.

I have spent many years working to create a (non-denominational) spirit-centered approach for sexual healing.  As a coach, I am known for my gentle and compassionate style: I will “meet” you where you are today, provide a “safe space” to reflect and discover what holds you back and provide a powerful platform to create the kind of peace of mind that may seem impossible to you now. I will help you to discern your deepest truth and walk with you in your healing.

When you choose this path of sexual healing and personal transformation, you remove barriers and open yourself up to the ultimate possibility of experiencing the power of love and spiritual connection in your life in a more profound way.   What could be more worthwhile?

Whether you are married or single, I understand the pain of sexual problems.  There is hope for change and there is support to make it happen.

If you have a curiosity, a feeling or even a deep knowing that sexual healing is necessary for your best life, take the next step and book a FREE Consultation by emailing Kelly at


  • Kelly works with a limited number of private clients. 
  • Private Sessions are by phone or Skype set on PAC time zone

Testimonial of a private client who shared what she was learning with her husband:

“I reached out to Kelly because I felt that my husband and I were stuck in some unhealthy patterns regarding our sexual intimacy. Sex felt like an obligation rather than a joy, and I was eager to reconnect with my husband in a way that was full of love and excitement for both of us. As much as I wanted things to change, I didn’t know where to begin. My sessions with Kelly were a revelation. Talking to her helped me see the story of my marriage clearly for the first time. Our weekly sessions helped my husband and I gain new insights into our relationship and heal old wounds. Kelly provided guidance and encouragement when we needed it most….We realized that we have been using sex as a bandaid, compensating for a lack of good communication and true intimacy. Although exploring the damage in our marriage was a difficult journey to go through, we are so very grateful that we took the time and energy to do so. Today our marriage feels stronger, closer, happier, and more loving than ever before.”