What Women are Saying About

Working with Kelly

“The biggest change I have experienced is that I feel a tangible reduction in shame regarding sexuality.  I feel more comfortable and able to present this aspect of my being before God, if that makes sense.  I now feel a wholeness and an integration of these components of myself.  The sexual side of myself has begun to integrate more with the spiritual side of myself and I am feeling more empowerment as a result.”

“I am so glad that this group exists!  A lot of my work in the world has to do with women’s healing, including their relationship with their own bodies and this healing work that Kelly is offering is a huge component of that.  I have taken away so much from this group, not the least of which is my own empowerment.  Healing my relationship I have with my own body, and even taking pride in it.  So not only not feeling shame about my body, but feeling a groundedness within it, which feels really good!  The experience of this group has allowed me to feel more like an adult.  More like a woman.  A grounded, noble, spiritual, sexual woman.  Thank you.” 

“It’s so good to know programs like this are being developed. There are a many Christian and New Age-type resources for couples, but nothing like this… We don’t talk about this stuff in our faith community… but we DO talk about this stuff!  Many of our families are experiencing the effects of the world today.  I am so grateful to Kelly for creating and facilitating this experience of discovery that we can take back to our husbands and children.  When there is more than one person gathering together with prayer, there is immense power there. I want us to consider that by coming together in this way we are unleashing something into the world.”

“This work with Kelly has given me a sense of wholeness and full self acceptance.  This comes from being at peace with the past.  What I have been through is exactly what I was supposed to go through.  The places where there has been shame and anger, I am replacing with gratitude.  All the hard times have made me stronger.  I can handle anything!  Where I was carrying a lot of heaviness from my past, I see the simple solution now.  Know what I want, create clear sexual boundaries, communicate them, listen to my partner, and enjoy myself!   There is freedom in that!  Thank you so much.” 

“The healing power of the intimacy of a group was incredible. Every time someone shared, there was learning and healing for me.  To shine the light on this part of our lives in a non-shaming way and through a spiritual lens has been so very healing.  A truly powerful experience.”  

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